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Seeing Hopes!!

Dec. 7th, 2009 | 04:35 pm

Happy...is a word that very hard to say these past weeks...but today i felt blessed that i finally could say that I'm HAPPY and my ambitions, passions, and excitement are returned!
I don't want to care for another things except myself and my goals...
and yes, i think i fall in love again....hahahahahahaha....
i don't know yet but the feel is there...
and Today!!! I got them all...i know i'm too greedy but i met the two guys that i think i have special feeling to *lol* (yeah...it's two!)
i got some good news: my professor canceled his trip to Austria, my employer delay my internship up until January and i got my job done!


May. 4th, 2009 | 08:40 am
location: VIP room
mood: curious curious
music: Big Bang - Dirty Cash



KAT-TUN Kaizokuban Live Concert 2005 – Japan Version
Original Price: +/- IDR 500,000 / US $ 48 (TAX AND SHIPPING COST INCLUDED)
Sale Price: IDR 450,000/ US$ 45

Yorokobi no Uta (Single CD) – Limited Edition + Bonus DVD
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Sale Price: IDR 170,000/ $US 16

LIPS (Single CD) – Limited Edition + Bonus DVD
Original Price: +/- IDR 210,000/ US $ 20 (TAX AND SHIPPING COST INCLUDED)
Sale Price: IDR 170,000/ US $ 16

Kanfuu Fighting (Single CD) – Limited Edition (Ohkura Version)
Reference: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=TECH-685
Original Price: +/- IDR 130,000/ US $ 12(TAX AND SHIPPING COST INCLUDED)
Sale Price: IDR 100,000/ US $ 10


MYOJO No. 8, Agustus 2007
Cover: Kinki Kids
Bonus Feature: Pin Up HEY! SAY! 7, Kanjani 8 LIVE
Original Price: IDR 86,000 (kinokuniya)
Sale Price: IDR 60,000

DUET No.1, January 2007
Cover: YamaPi
Bonus Feature: Best of DUET 2006 Booklet, Tvlog Booklet, Songs’ Lyrics Booklet, Kanjani 8 Pin Up, and KAT-TUN Glossy Pin Up
Original Price: IDR 83,000 (kinokuniya)
Sale Price: IDR 70,000

DUET No. 10, October 2004
Cover: Doumoto Tsuyoshi
Bonus Feature: KAT-TUN Large Pin-up
Original Price: -
Sale Price: IDR 50,000

DUET No. 3, March 2006
Cover: Kanjani 8
Bonus Feature: J-Concert Booklet, KAT-TUN Glossy Pin-up
Original Price: IDR 83,000 (kinokuniya)
Sale Price: IDR 70,000

DUET No.7, July 2007
Cover: YamaPi
Bonus Feature: Big Poster YamaPi on one side and NEWS on the other side, KAT-TUN Glossy Pin-up, J-Concert Booklet
Original Price: IDR 83,000 (kinokuniya)
Sale Price: IDR 70,000

*** Magazines' prices based on the features included and the quality


becoming ELF

Feb. 9th, 2009 | 05:17 pm

it's been a long time not writing my journal,,,huhuhu,,,
too busy with a lot of activities ^^
i hope this year i cant resist myself not taking too many activities...*doubting mode on*
since there are a lot of activities and also i have to do my final research at uni, i want some sort of entertainment...lol
and these past weeks i've been falling for a group that can refresh my day!
SUPER JUNIOR!! they are way soooooo funny!!!!!!!
Before, i am a HUGE fan of KAT-TUN, because of their coolness and more importantly their bakaness...now, i still love them! *jin rabu rabu*
but SuJu is such a refreshment for me! >_<
it's like i was back to my fangirling period, hahahha,
with KAT-TUN, i think i've been in the mature level of fangirling,
but now with SuJu, i'm in the aggresive and obsessive period...*LMAO*
And I think i'm becoming ELF now...and i'd love to ^^

it's been a very long time!

Jan. 21st, 2009 | 06:01 pm

well, i'm not usually write in LJ and it's quite regretful,haha, because i have no much time writing these past months....since i came back from oz T_T
now, i'm up to my study and...MY NEXT BIG TRIP! Yay me!!
i'm going to Eurooopppeeee!!

It's restarted

Aug. 25th, 2008 | 01:48 pm

My colourful life has come back! it doesn't mean that i've been out from a miserable life...but after a very long hibernation and life-education in Perth *giggling*, i came back to my dynamic busy days...Yay! My tension is getting higher!!
I got a job and i'm up to study! And i want to find a lot more activities.....Today i got one interesting job as a lecturer's assistant for International Relations Theory Course, and i'm up for this new challenge!!! i've been back to my real life!

Speak and Listen Up!

Apr. 4th, 2008 | 07:55 pm
location: Rainy Perth
mood: accomplished accomplished
music: Keep the faith

Several days ago i had a lecture class for Contemporary Politics Unit. It was a big class with all the fellow student of this unit sit together hearing the lecture. And i bet there is only 5-9 international student (i mean student who arent neither from Australia nor USA). And something really amazing was happened!!! A girl beside me (she is Australian, I am sure!! because of her dialect and blonde hair *_*) asked me about a word that she misheard during the lecture. I was so surprised because English is not my first language and she must have known that i am an international student. But she asked me about that, and i was sooo glad because i was able to give her the right answer...(this legendary word is: MOTIVATOR)
huahahahahahaahahaha......it was great, huh?!
Okay, i am ready to move forward now!! Yay!!
i will save my money as much as i can because i am willing to join a tour to Japan, i dont really know the expenses but i might be able to afford that...at least i am hoping for that...^^

FREOO....Im in LOveeee.....

Feb. 24th, 2008 | 02:36 pm
location: Sunny Leeming
mood: awake awake
music: Out of Reach - Gabrielle

Issues for today are about my homestay and Freo
I am staying at an Indonesian-owned homestay in Leeming, Western Australia. The owner is Gani's family. They are originally from Indonesia but have been stayed in Australia for almost 25 years. Fantastic!
Tante Gani (i call her so) is an active housewife and she knows a lot about Australia. Otherwise Oom Gani is a nice old man but lil' bit quiet. But they're very kind people. Im glad to know them.
They have two sons and they stay with me as well but i know little bout them *sigh*...maybe i should be more talkactive and try to get to know more about them...someday...not now....^^
beside me, dania, and Gani's family, there is two Arabians, named Terry and Jerry (these are only superficial names...hwakakakakakak). I know little about them as well. I only know that they are very weird and Arab-fanatics. Hell, whatever....
Despite a strange content of the house, im getting to love this house very much. I always get a lot of delicious meals and satisfying facilities. I feel really comfortable in this house...Thank God....I dont want to find another one...
Sometimes i feel really regretful that im not staying at an Australian house. But i think it is not a problem. For the next 6 months I'll be very busy of my university's activities and I'll spend almost time in university whereas English is used all the time and I'll be interact with Australian a lot. So, i think here will be such a nice house to relax and keep the Indonesian feel so I wont get homesick anymore. Today i washed all my clothes, and somehow Tante and Oom help us out and today becomes A CLEANING DAY...taararararrarrarraraaaa......happy! ^^
And....lets talk about Freo....On Saturday ( well then, I mean yesterday...) me, dania, tirza, and a Malaysian boy walked around Freo just to have a look.....Pfuuuh....On Saturday it becomes a very very nice place.....It is like a tourism spot...Some people make performances in pedestrian way....it was sooo funny!! Love it!!!
I bought a clay-made weird statue from a funny man named Cris, I took a picture with him...he is a nice people....
Freo has a traditional market, where you can buy veggies, souvenirs, and fish with a very cheap prices. I will buy a lot when i get back to Indonesia......
I begin to love this small and quiet city....Tomorrow will be my first uni class...Oh God! I hope i can pass it through...Amieeen....^^
btw i am sooo happy because i dont have to learn those silly business things...i took International issues, environmental policy, history of western civilisation, and aboriginal people for my units.....Yippppiiieeeeee!!!! And i will join Yoga and Kendo classes......HAHA!

Hell...Yes....I'm Sleepy...

Feb. 21st, 2008 | 09:07 pm
location: Cold Leeming
mood: cheerful cheerful
music: Voyager - V6

I'm running my life, here, in Australia...Im trying to face day by day with a H.U.G.E SMILE!
I won't give up! YOSH! FIGHTO!
today is ended very fast. I went to Uni and got sleepy all along the way...Pfuh...maybe i need to sleep more...
And i was very lazy to join today's Orientation...Life is hard ne...
Im still learning about the way of life of the people here, like how to take a bus, how to fill in my mobile phone's credit, how to withdraw money from the bank, etc. Those things are quite different with Indonesia's, so I should learn more.
Yesterday in my way home, I saw an Aussie's girl and a Japanese girl was talking loudly in the bus. The aussie's girl can speak Japanese a little and the Japanese girl is still bad in English. I'm a bit interested with what they're talking about because my passion of all the things related to Japan wont be wrong ^^ I heard about Leeming ( I thought that the Japanese one is staying there...) I think i will have a chance to get to know her. Hehe...i want to still practice my Japanese although i'm here....and maybe I can be friend with her so when i go to Japan i have a friend to go eat or call....
But it was a pity, because she didn't stop in Murdoch University to change the bus to Leeming.
And Yesterday (also), I go on tour to Perth. It is a very quiet city (compared to Jakarta! >_<). I think i can spend my old days here because I won't get stress here...haha....I noticed that a lot of old people here (especially in Fremantle). The buses are always full with grandmas and grandpas....O la...la....I think my age get doubled because of that *_*
Perth is cool tho, the scenery is beautiful, and it has only 6 big and tall buildings, the others is just short and old buildings. I love it. And i watched a dance performance by aboriginal people. It was interesting and i took a picture with the dancers.
Another (important) note is I MET A CUTE ASIAN BOY IN COMMONWEALTH BANK!! He works there and i think
he's Korean because of his face. I know that this is very unimportant but i think im not in problem. That's what girls do, right??

P.S: Today's new friends: Wendy, Jenna, Yau, and Angela...Love you guys!!!!

And His Name is Lucas...^^

Feb. 19th, 2008 | 07:58 pm

Hyoooo!! I've started a new life since yesterday...
walk in the Market St. come through the Cliff St. and Here it is....The University of Notre Dame, Australia...
We had a Welcome Mass...and.....A funny (interesting though..) was happened....Come through A Chapel,
Did the singing stuff, Standing, Replying Whatever this black-coat man was shouted, Listening some "Sacred" Songs...All the Catholics activities in A Chapel.....GOSH!!! Im So Sorry to do That!!! I Promise to my God that I didnt change my belief, I was so confuse and only watched what those people did. its unbelievable experience...
Im a Moslem but i was pushed to do those kind of things...It was awkward...

I met a cute boy in the class when we did an international student's session. He is SOOOOOO CUUUTTEEEE....And H.O.T! I thought that he must be an international student as well because he joined the session...And i was right!
His face is lil bit like Chad Michael Murray but much more cute! His eyes is green and very sharp....waks!
and today i got a chance to get to know him. In a game we had to introduce ourselves to a people infront of us and Lucky ME!! He was before me...hauhahauhauhahahha....And i shook his hand, said my name, and asked him some questions (these're part of the game though *_*)...And he shook my hand, and Said...Hi, Im Lucas, from Frankfurt, Germany.....yay!!!!!!!!! >_<

We had a couple of conversation and then moved on.....

Another day has been done....Cant wait for tomorrow....This new life is hard but i still believe i can get it through till i come back to the place where i should be.....Indonesia!!!!! Aku CInta PAdamuuu!!!!!

Me as a part of Notre Dame University's Family, Fremantle, Western Australia

The beginning of new life....

Feb. 18th, 2008 | 10:42 pm
location: Leeming
mood: anxious anxious
music: Out of Reach

On February 12th, 2008, I arrived in Sydney. This is my first time jump down to the ground of another country. It was a little bit shocking because I never do this before. I saw a lot of people that have different looks from me and there are some rules as well as mechanism that aren’t existed in my country. Three Indonesian girls were in Sydney now. Actually that's very nice to be here. I learned (and still) a lot of things and I keep practice my English (because I admit that it is very bad). I never use English that often before. I talked to many people (especially for asking) because many things here I don't understand.
There is something that shocked me: the food, the price, and the weather. Indonesian daily cuisine is different with Australian’s. We eat rice, spicy food, and water a lot, yet here we almost everyday eat bread, milk (or food that contained milk), and coffee. I think my stomach hasn't used to these kind of food. It’s kind of difficult to get through this. But I think I have to because I will live here for 6 months. If I don't do that I won’t eat anything here =(
Another thing is the price (of anything!). They are seemed very expensive for my standard. I always converted the price here with Indonesian currency and it makes them much more expensive for me. I know it was silly, but it made me think about saving my money and prevents me from buying unimportant stuff =P. It makes me frustrated when it was about paying food. In one side I think about how expensive the food though it is just a simple food (like hamburger, hotdogs, etc) but in the other side I was starving.
Sydney’s weather is kind of weird for me. It is hot in a second and a second later it is so cold. In Indonesia it is never happened (I realize now that I really love my country). My body couldn’t accept that and it getting worse. My head like banging and inside my body is very warm. It hasn't adjusted to the weather.
The most memorable thing is meeting some people from other countries. I really like them. They are very smart, talkactive, respectful, and nice. I learned a lot about their culture, customs, and characters. I never thought that people from other countries would be that nice to me. And it makes easier to get this through. I try really hard to be talkactive and nice too. Actually I am kind of person who can’t get along with other people that fast. I need time to know each other first and then I can show my personality. I’m a shy person. But here, I did try hard to talk at least a little words to the other. I need to practice my English also. I never talked English that often back then. And it is kind of difficult but I believe I can get it through.